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July Photos

Here’s some of the shots taken by Al on the Committee Boat.  If you have more let me know and I’ll post them as they come in.  I’m hoping someone has some of the party as well! If you would like a copy let me know and I’ll send you one via email or thumb drive that you provide.  My email address is

And now for this event’s photos.

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Tuna Tamers Tringular Tussel Photos

I’ve received lots of great photos and more have been promised.  This first round were taken by Mike of Echo while giving a helping hand on Xochil, the Committee Boat with Al, aka Tuna Tamer.  Took a bit to sort them out and do a bit of cropping.  The shot of Panasea II and Aventura on the update page shows the separation between the two boats seconds before the finish.  The shot in the slide show is at the line.  What a finish!

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Bay Fest Photos

I know that there are a bunch more photos out there.  Send them and I will post as many as possible!

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March Race Pix

Here are but a few pictures of the March Race.  I’m looking for more and will post them as soon as I get more.

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OK, so I couldn’t figure out how to add a second slide show to the Party Pix page.  If I was that smart… oh, never mind.

So after a great race we gathered at La Costa Restaurant to brag or see if anyone would believe our excuses.  Just about all captains and their crew showed up to hear the race results.

Mike on Echo gave us a brief rundown on the next Veleros Event at the end of April.  Looks like he’s planning a 4 day run.  Notice was also given for the Bay Fest Regatta on June 12th.  It will be a “Rock to the Dock” run starting at 11:oo am.

And now on to what you really want to see…

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This was fun, trying to select what to put on the blog from 200 plus pictures from the party on Yellow Star and race wrap up at La Costa.  Again, a fantastic party to honor Kelly, Jo’s long time friend who is visiting from New Zealand.  I’m still collecting photos from the race.  Got some great ones and I’m sure that there are more!  Let me know and they will get published in the next day or two.

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Feb Start, Day 1

Al on the committee boat took these photos for the start on the way out to the islands.  I think it was about the time the wind dropped…

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More photos from February

Jo of Yellow Star fame took these shots before and during the start on the second day.  Sure looked great having all those boats out for the event.  Sure would be nice to have even more for the March Race.

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Feb. Party photos

Here are a few photos of the potluck on Talion.  Billy of Yellow Star fame and crew on Karma did most of the honors of getting people to Talion.  Worked well till the engine started to hiccup so Al of Tuna Tamer took over the duties…  Thanks again Patsy!

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After unraveling a few technical details that your blog master couldn’t figure out, here are a bunch of pictures of our boats.  If you can identify the boats that I couldn’t, let me know and I will update and make the corrections.

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